Dominican Republic Embassy

Hotels and resorts are well informed with Dominican Republic Embassy locations and in case you need them, they will be very helpful in guiding you to the nearest office.

Most European and South American nations have either diplomatic or Consular offices in the Dominican Republic and all of the Embassies are located in the capital of Santo Domingo.

The Dominican Republic Embassy is a resource that can help with many unexpected issues that arise during your trips abroad and Embassy staff recognize that visitors to this country speak many different languages so they are ready to try their best in assisting you in your language.

The Dominican Republic has diplomatic and Consular Services in most countries as well, which can sometimes be helpful with tourist issues, diplomat and Consular officials are well versed in issues such as legal disputes, medical emergencies, pets, visas, phone numbers and many other issues.

Beware, regardless of your citizenship, when you are on Dominican Republic territory, you are subject to Dominican Law.

Neither a Consular nor an Embassy official can help you or your friends once you are in a Dominican Jail, especially if it is for illegal drugs, smuggling or weapons possession.

Remember these offices are not tourist bureaus and they cannot help you in criminal matters however if you or your companions lose your passport or have a legal issue you should contact them if they cannot help they should guide you in the right direction.

Dominican Republic Embassy

Embassies and Consulates


2, Route Georges Beilles

75016 Paris

Telephone number 14-69-35-80 



5300 Bonn, 2nd

Telephone Number 00228-36-4956 

U.S. Consulate

1 Times Square Plaza

11th floor

New York, NY 10036

Telephone Number 212-768-2480 


2080 Rue Crescent

Montreal, Quebec H36 2b8

Telephone Number 514-499-1918 

U.S. Embassy

1715 22nd street

NWWashington D.C. 20008

Telephone Number 202-332-6280 

Dominican Republic Embassy

Dominican Republic Embassy in Santo Domingo

U.S. Embassy Tel- 809-541-2171 Fax-809-686-7437

U.S. Consulate Tel- 809-221-5511 Fax- 809-686-7437


With a passport citizens of the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Finland, Israel, Spain, Costa Rica, Norway, and many other countries may stay in the Dominican Republic for 90 days. 

Canadian And American Citizens can enter the Dominican Republic with a passport or proof of citizenship.
(which is not Recommended)

It is recommended that you always travel with a passport although it is not needed you maybe able to rent a car or conduct other business much more easily within the country with a Passport

If you decide to travel without a passport and are a citizen of the United States or Canada, or many other countries then you may stay for 60 days.

Every visitor entering the country as a tourist or for pleasure must have a departure ticket. 

Resident Aliens living in Canada or the United States (including Puerto Rico) only need to show their alien card and of course a valid tourist Card.

Legal residents of EEU countries need to show their Passport and resident Card.

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On January 23, 2007 a new law was enacted  reguiring American air travelers, who long have been able to visit the Dominican Republic and most islands, including Canada and Mexico, with only a driver's license, will now have to show a passport upon their return to the states  posing a problem for approximatley 70 percent of U.S. citizens who don't have one.

A departure Tax of $10.00 U.S. is payable upon leaving the country, photocopy your passport documents before traveling in case of theft or loss.

Now more than ever many countries will only allow you to pass their airport customs with a valid passport, check with your point of origin departing Airport.

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