Dominican Republic Customs

Dominican Republic Customs and regulations states that travelers to the Dominican Republic are always required to show a visa or a tourist card.

To enter the Dominican Republic you also need an official Photo ID, such as a current valid Passport or a current drivers license.

Dominican Republic PassportDominican Passport
Spain Passport


Dominican Republic Tourist Card

A tourist card can be purchased at most airline ticket agents or at the international airport of arrival or departure.

You should always try to purchase the tourist card before your arrival to the Dominican Republic, lines can be long once you are in the country, especially if your arrival is in Santo Domingo.

The tourist card, in essence, is your visa, which allows you to legally remain in the Dominican Republic for up to 3 months

Always check with your country's travel officials for changes to the rules. Dominican Republic customs official always inform other country's of any changes that's going to affect visitors.

The tourist card cost $10US no matter the country of origin.

The Dominican tourist Card is important and must be presented upon your departure.

An additional $20US exit tax must also be paid if you lose it and can incur a fine of up to RD$200.            

  • If you plan to stay over the allowed 90 days you must purchase an additional card.

  • The card cost an additional US$10 for another 90 days.

  • If you stay longer than 90 days consider yourself in trouble you will have to visit the authorities and can incur a fine of up to RD$200.

  • A departure Tax (exit tax) of US$10 is payable upon leaving the country.

  • Note: The Dominican Republic currency exchange rate changes but even with the economic fluctuation RD$200 is not a big deal.

Dominican Customs

If you are in Santo Domingo and plan to stay beyond the 90 day period, just go to the Immigration office in the Huacal Building, or call the General Director of immigration

Telephone number - 809-685-2535 or 809-685-2505.

Many Santo Domingo hotels or resorts front desk may be able to guide you, simply reguest a point of interest map, many of the better hotels have them.

Dominican Republic Customs

Before you leave home!

Check with you country's customs and foreign affairs department for the latest guidelines including information on items that are not allowed to be brought back into your country.

What can you take home from the Dominican Republic?

Returning United States citizens who have been away for at least 48 hours are allowed to bring back once every 30 days $800US worth of merchandise duty free.

The U.S. government charges an additional 4% on the next $1000US worth of purchases.

For more information you can visit

Visitors to the Dominican Republic are allowed to bring one liter of alcohol, 200 cigarettes and a gift article with a value not to exceed US$100.

Dominican Republic Customs search routines tend to be relaxed, but the Dominican authorities take an extremely hard line on anything connected with firearms or illegal drugs.

The Import of wildlife souvenirs that are from rare or endangered species may be illegal or require special permits, these special permits are sometimes required at your point of origin and your travel destination, so check with your country's official travel booklet. We recommend this booklet.


know before you go booklet/Contact Telephone Numbers

U.S. 877-287-8667

Canada 800-461-9999

U.K. 0845/010-9000

Australia 1300/363263

New Zealand 04/473-6099

Lost Documents and information

Incase of theft or loss it is a good idea to photocopy all of your travel documents, (or at least your important pages) having a photocopy will make it easier to get replacements and if the authorities get involved, you will find that they can help you much faster and you will have a smoother experience.

If you lose any of your documents, contact the consulate representative of your country as soon as possible and contact the Visa section-consulate department of chancery in Santo Domingo.

Dominican Visa Section-Consulate

Telephone Number 809-535-6820 ext.238.

Visit our "Dominican Republic Embassy Page" Click Here Dominican Republic Customs

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Dominican Republic Customs