Dominican Culture

Rich Dominican Culture includes evidence of having the oldest university in the new world as well as the oldest House, Hospital, Street and Cathedral.

Dominican Culture & Architecture

As the oldest city in the new world, the Dominican Republic has very old and interesting architecture. 

"The Cathedral Dates back to 1540 Santo Domingo "Catedral de Santa Maria La Menor"

The forts religious buildings, government structures and houses of the nobles and governors are still impressive and appeared in the Dominican Republic long before any similar structures were ever dreamed of in North America. 

The Family house of Christopher Columbus
Santo Domingo

The early Architect and builder Rodrigo Gil de Liendo was responsible for the church of our Lady of Mercy and much of the old Cathedrals in Santo Domingo.

Taking a walk through much of the old Santo Domingo is like being back in the Mid-16th century.

The whole island is a complex and spectacular architectural spectacle.

The Dominican Republic has some of the best modern resorts, hotels and villas in the world, and some of the most magnificent old structures in the world. 

Art,Paintings and Sculpture

La sirena paintingLa sirena painting

The Founding Fathers of the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo

Los Padres de La PatriaLos Padres de La Patria

Paintings and Sculpture developed very late in the Dominican Republic, especially in comparison to literature.

Santo Domingo in particular is an open air art gallery, the colonial district is especially important in art and paintings with numerous galleries and schools. 


The Dominican strong literary art stems from a deep romantic europeon tradition.

Some people argue that columbus himself was Hispaniola's first writer, his log books are still fascinating to read.

Dominican literature has tended to be dominated by writers from powerful families and it's Early literature owes it's principal debt to the church men who led the colony's spiritual and intellectual life.

Friar Bartolome de Las Casa began his Apologetic Historias de Los Indios at a monastery in Puerto Plata and thus founded a style of nostalgic writing called Indigenismo

Las Casas was one of the great men of the early colonial period, he chronicled the brutality of the Spanish invasion, arguing for the souls of the Tainos and other Indians and protested the Spanish crown.

Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedos Historias Natural y General de Indios is considered one of the great books.

Dominican Culture and literature fell on hard times with the coming of the Napoleonic wars and subsequent Haitian invasion. In those days Universities, churches and even the Spanish language were under attack.

Juan Pablo Duarte created a group devoted to preserving Dominican art and culture.

Dominicans often refer to Felix Maria del Monte, a poet, as the father of Dominican literature for his writings of patriotic text and literature.

Dominican Culture

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