Travel Insurance

When traveling outside of your native country it is a good idea to look around and secure an inexpensive travel insurance policy. 

 If you are already covered check the fine print on your policy.

Medical travel insurance should be seriously considered, as any illness or accident will involve paying for treatment and medication, and the best private facilities can be expensive.

You should have a comprehensive policy of a health insurance that covers hospitalization.

Most health insurance policies cover you if get sick away from home but check particularly if you're insured by an HMO.

Before you travel to the Dominican Republic check your insurance coverage carefully, Health Insurance is the most important kind of coverage you can get.

If you get sick in the Dominican Republic, You can usually find someone to treat you adequately but the cost can be costly.

It should have a repatriation clause, in case care is not available where you are and you need to get home.

Carry proof of your health insurance with you at all times.

Travel Insurance 

Adventure Sports Travel Insurance

 It is a good idea to take out a travel insurance policy that includes adventure sports coverage, read the fine print if you are intending to engage in sporting activities such as: Scuba Diving, White Water Rafting, Sky Diving or Horse Back Riding.

Many policies specifically do not cover treatment of injuries from various adventure sports.

In a worst case scenario, there's the high cost of emergency evacuation. Double check policies!

It is also worth having Insurance coverage against lost or theft of valuables. 

Medical Insurance

Most health insurance policies cover you if get sick away from home but check particularly if you're insured by an HMO.

With the exception of certain HMO and Medicare / Medicaid your medical insurance should cover medical treatment even in hospitals that are located overseas.

However, most out of country hospitals make you pay your bills up front, and send you a refund after you've returned home and filed the necessary paperwork.

Be careful and request the proper documents before leaving the medical care facility.

Check your policy for repatriation. 

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