Explore!...Recommended Sites to visit in Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo real estate is known to have some of the oldest buildings in the Americas dating back to Christopher Columbus.

This city is recognized as the oldest city in the new world, and it is the capital of the Dominican Republic.    

With well over two million people, it is the largest city in the Dominican Republic.

Although it's busy and industrialized, the capital is also extremely historic and boasts one of the Caribbean's liveliest waterfront boardwalks and the best night life.

This is a special place it is where you can find very old existing history and the very modern....!    

Dominican Republic Sites /Beach Villas and Resorts and caves

Some of the most interesting night clubs have been built in caves.

The tourists love them.

If you are visiting the Dominican Republic and are interested in lying in the beach, and enjoying the many water activities that the country has to offer, then the city of Santo-Domingo is not the place that I will recommend.

This is not Punta Cana with it's all inclusive villas, resorts and hotels,  Punta Cana and Santo Domingo are very different vacations.     

University of Santo Domingo founded in October 28, 1538
The first university of the Americas

However if you want a vacation with consistent tropical weather and a city with places of historical and cultural interest, great coffee, the best night life and great cigars, then you should visit and enjoy a Santo Domingo vacation.

You will be fascinated by Santo-Domingo's Colonial City, where the European's development of the Western Hemisphere began more than 500 years ago.

Bartolome Columbus, brother of Christopher Columbus, Founded the city of New Isabella (later renamed Santo-Domingo).

From 1509 to 1524, Diego Columbus, the explorer's oldest son, ruled as Governor, at a time when Santo-Domingo was essentially the seat of Government for the Western Hemisphere.

Zona Colonial (Colonial Zone) which is located along the western bank of the Rio Ozama, is the historic heart of Santo-Domingo, this is where many historical buildings are clustered in a small area of about a mile and a half that can be explored by foot.

The first Cathedral, University, Monastery, Hospital and Nunnery in the Western Hemisphere are all located here. Visiting  is like retracing the steps of the first Spanish conquistadors, who used Santo Domingo as a base for the conquest of Latin America.

If you are traveling by air to this old city it is recommended that you fly into the International Airport called Las Americas.

After picking up your bags, catch a taxi ride to your hotel. A car rental in is always available at the international airport.

Don't forget to ask for a map.

Many of the Luxury resorts, casinos, and  hotels are located on the waterfront called "El Malecon", therefore you should not have to pay more than $20US for a taxi ride.

Recommended sites to visit..

Parque Zoologico Nacional (National Park Zoo)

The caretakers here have pride in caring for the animals and the grounds. This zoo is quite beautiful and covers about 370 acres.

Pink Flamingos, native to the area seem to come and go in complete freedom.

This is one of the best and largest Zoos in Latin America.

Catedral de Santa Maria La Menor Santo Domingo

This is the first Cathedral built in the Americas, and the most important building in the country.

Consider visiting and taking some great Santo Domingo photos.

Parque Colon (Colon Park)

This is in the Heart of the Zona Colonial, a statue of Christopher Columbus is the central feature of the park.

This is also a good starting point for tourists to start their visit of all the historical places.

Museo del Ambar (Amber Museum)

Dominican amber is thought to be the best in the world, here you can find many interesting raw pieces of amber and many styles of amber and larimar jewelry.

Plaza Espana

This is a large open area surrounded by old city walls, colonial buildings and has some very fine Santo Domingo restaurants that serve a variety of Dominican Republic recipes.

Calles de las Damas

Lined with Museums and Churches the streets contain some of the old city's most tastefully restored buildings.

This is another opportunity for some great pictures.    

Alcazar de Colon (Columbus family palace)

This is the Columbus family palace. 

It was built by Christopher Columbus's son, Diego, and overlooks the River Ozama and large Plaza Espana.

Faro A Colon (Columbus Light House)

At night when their is a clear sky, a white cross is projected into the black sky.

The white cross can be seen for many miles around the city of Santo Domingo.

Acuario Nacional (National Aquarium)

This Aquarium has underwater walkway's where you can see a large collection of tropical fish including stingray's, manatees and very large sharks.

The Aquarium is located away from the city center, across the Rio Ozama.
Telephone number 809-592-1509

Museo del Hombre Dominicano

Showcases Taino Artifacts and an excellent anthropology exhibit, this collection of artifacts reveal the day to day life and rituals of the pre-Columbus Taino people.

They also have exhibitions of carnaval costumes and voodoo magical alters.

Jardin Botanico (Botanical Garden)

Santo Domingo's wealthy Suburb Northern neighborhood of Arroyo Hondo is home to some of the city's most expansive green spaces, including the Botanical Gardens.

An excellent Japanese garden is on display although not indigenous, it is quite beautiful.

A train ride will take you through the length of the park with a stop off at some of the highlights.

The park is 450 acres.

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