Dominican Republic Facts

  Dominican Republic Facts

The Dominican Republic has some of the worlds most modern and beautiful villas, hotels and resorts.
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La Catedral Primada de Santo DomingoLa Catedral Primada de Santo Domingo

Below the shield is another ribbon bearing the name of the country.

"República Dominicana"

This emblem, found in the center of the Dominican Flag is similar to the flag design and shows 4 Dominican flags, a bible, a cross of gold, and two spears on a pattern from the flag.

There are branches of olive and palm around the shield and above on a ribbon is the motto "Dios, Patria, Libertad" meaning "God, Fatherland, Liberty".

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Facts

  • As the oldest city in the new world, the Dominican Republic has an interesting history.

  • The Dominican Republic map clearly indicates the strategic importance of the island to columbus's conguest of the new world.

Santo Domingo is the capital and it claims the oldest university in the New World as well as the oldest House, Hospital, Street and Cathedral.

Many tourists from around the world  visit this old charming city.

La Catedral Primada de Santo Domingo"The Cathedral Dates back to 1540 /Santo Domingo" "Catedral de Santa maria La Menor"

This Cathedral has survived pirate attacks, earthquakes and was the first Cathedral to be built in the Americas therefore it laid the foundation for the spread of Christianity throughout the continent.

Diego Columbus, Christopher's Columbus son laid the first stone for the Cathedral in 1514. In 1521 with the arrival of the first bishop, earnest construction started on the Cathedral the work was finished in 1541.

If you ever visit the Dominican Republic don't miss visiting the Cathedral.

The official language is Spanish although in the tourist areas English, Italian, French, German and other languages are spoken.

The tourism industry is well established and recognizes the importance of other cultures and languages .

The Dominican economy has had one of the fastest growth rates in the hemisphere.

Dominican Republic facts

The Dominican people have been very successful with understanding and implementing tourism, agriculture, textiles and the import export business.

Many people around the world have visited the island recognize the opportunities and return to live and open businesses.

Investments in infrastructure has steadily increased year after year, new roads and construction projects are ongoing and many of the largest names in the hotel and resort industry are involved.

Dominican Republic Facts

Many of the worlds best baseball players are Dominicans.

Surrounded by lush gardens and tropical palm trees, this is a paradise for enjoying unforgettable vacations.

• Dominican Flag 


Dominican Republic is made up of rugged mountains, valleys, sandy beaches, fertile soil and many rivers.


Verizon Espanol formerly Codetel


Pico Duarte 3,175m


Lago Enriquillo -46 m


Average of 79-90 F.

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CLIMATE:Tropical year round, Average High 87`f Average low is 74`f


Peso. International currency, accepted by some banks

CREDIT CARDS: All major credit cards are accepted

MONEY WIRING SERVICES: Money Gram and Western Union

PRESIDENT: Leonel Fernández Reyna (Dominican Liberation Party, or PLD)

AIRPORTS: Main airport is Las Americas /Total of 7 international airports

ELECTRIC POWER: is 220 and 110 volts AC, When the grid is not working generators are used.

RELIGION: over 95% Roman Catholic

CAPITOL: Santo Domingo

POPULATION: 8,950,034 (July 2005 est.)

Median age: total: 23.88 years •male: 23.68 years •female:24.09 years (2005 est.)

Population growth rate: 1.29% (2005 est.

Ethnic groups: white 16%, black 11%, mixed 73%

Languages: Official is Spanish although German,Italian, English, French as well as many others are spoken.

Literacy: definition: age 15 and over can read and write •total population: 84.7% •Male: 84.6% •Female:84.8% (2003 est.)

Life expectancy at birth: total population: 71.44 years •Male: 69.94 years •Female: 73.03 years (2005 est.)

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