Dominican Amber

The Dominican Amber Museums in Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata are well worth visiting, both to find out how this precious resin is formed and to view some of the unusual pieces on display.

These are one of the best places to buy a piece of Dominican Amber to take home. 

35 million year old Dominican Republic Amber. Notice Trapped Air Bubbles an Excellent Piece of Amber.

Amber can also be purchased in jewelry shops and at Souvenir stalls throughout the country.

If you do plan to buy some Amber, be careful as there are some very convincing plastic that looks identical to the real Amber!


Dominican Amber

Museo de Ambar Puerto Plata

Located in a restored Victorian mansion near Puerto Plata's Parque Central.

This place is really superior they offer guided tours in English and Spanish and have excellent quality items..........

Don't Miss this one! 

Puerto Plata Museo de Ambar

Address - Calle Duarte 61,

Puerto Plata,

East of Parque Central

       Telephone number:

  • 809-586-2848 (Information)
  • 809-320-2215 (Gift shop)
  • 809-586-8518 (Fax )

          Open - Mon-Sat 9-6 

Museo de Ambar Santo Domingo

This Museum has second floor is dedicated to exhibits about how amber is formed cut cleaned and polished.

The first floor is devoted to the sale of Amber Larimar and other items that you might want to take home. They have excellent quality Dominican Republic Amber. 


Santo Domingo Museo de Ambar

Address - 107 Calle El Conde.

Mon-Sat 9-5

Telephone Number -809-221-331 

Ambar Marie

This place provides beautiful jewelry it's well established and trusted, you can even design your own Larimar and Amber Jewelry.

In an adjoining salon you can watch craftsmen at work, shaping and polishing pieces of ancient Amber.

Ambar Marie is a bit pricey. 

Open 8am-12pm 2pm-5pm

Telephone Number - 809-682-7539 

Ambar Nacional

This is a reliable source for very fine pieces of Dominican Amber and Larimar.

Prices here are very competitive and some consider them a real bargain in comparison to other shops that provide the same quality and reliability. 


Open Mon-Sat 8am-6pm Sunday 8am-12pm

Telephone Number - 809-686-5700 

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